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Always in motion. Transfering aircraft of any size around the globe. Door-to-door service.
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3 Liberty XL2 Airplanes

3 Liberty XL2

delivered from australia to singapore
Cessna 402

Cessna 402

Delivered FROM U.S. to Poland
Harbin Y-12F

Harbin Y-12F Turboprops

delivered from U.S. to China
Citation 1 Jet Delivery

Cessna Citation V Jets

Delivered from U.S. to Denmark

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Who we are

About us

Short History

Global Air Ferry LTD was originally formed in the United Kingdom as a ferry pilot provision and referal service. The company was formed by four newly qualified commercial pilots and flight instructors, all licensed in the USA, who wanted to establish a new standard in quality airplane transfer service from the United States to EU. After several years of successfull operation, pilot group grew larger and so did their experience. By 2010 GAF offered ferry service for any aircraft from any point to any location in the World. In 2012 GAF was registered in Florida, USA, as a part of Raich Aerospace Group LLC. The company chose its base to be located in Ormond Beach Regional Airport (OMN), only a short distance from Orlando (MCO) and Daytona Beach (DAB) airfields. At the moment, we have over 25 qualified pilots located in different World regions who are ready to undertake your delivery project at a short notice.

What we do

Aircraft transfer

Our dedicated aviation professionals are able to deliver any airplane from any location to any location in the World. As light as Cessna 152 and as large as B747, as short as LGA/PHL or as long as LAX/CGK - we have qualified, experienced and type-rated pilots to take over any project, small or large. For the first time aircraft buyers, some of our flight instructors will come for a ride as safety pilots and provide en route instruction at no additional cost.

Pre-buy inspection & modifications
We are taking safety very seriously over here. And that goes to the safety of our clients and pilots alike. So we offer combined pre-buy mechanical inspection for most aircaft before we ferry "across the pond". Our qualified aircraft mechanics will conduct required inspections and give our clients second opinion for a complete peace of mind. And of course, since most light aircraft have a very limited range, we have to install ferry tanks and apply for modification permits in order to make some trans-oceanic crossing.
Customs clearance & registration
We specialize in customs clearance and cost-effective aircraft registration schemes for most countries in the EU and CIS. Our consultants will discuss with you the cheapest way to import and register your aircraft, depending on the intended usage and region of operation. In most cases, we are able to save our clients up to 40% on importation cost by re-registering aircaft on a different private owner but keeping it under the FAA registration using a completely legal trustee scheme.

What People Say

Jack Wills
James Lee come fly with me aviation
Reference regarding Robert Weaver, pilot at GAF

First things first I would like to thank Robert and SkyFerry on assisting on the 15 Ferry flights that they have performed for us. We have used SkyFerry on many occasions with all sorts of aircraft from one of our Cessna 150's to repositioning a Beech King Air from one side of the globe to the other. They are accurate on their quotes and they are realistic on their delivery times. Their pilots are professional and are able to think outside the box – plus they have a good sense of humour which gives us confidence with the pilo

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    Fast Ferry Price Estimates

    Our team is targeting to respond within 24 hours to all ferry price inquries from our clients. Fill our a request form for your delivery estimate.

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    Hi-tech navigation Equipment

    Our ferry pilots use the latest navigation and tracking equipment with live flight updates. Clients are able to track ferry progress along the route.

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    Global Pilot Network

    Our pilots are located World-wide: qualified and experienced commercial aviators from US, EU, Russia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Africa are ready to start your flight on a short notice.

Lead Team Members


Curt Farley

Ferry & corporate pilot

Curt is an ex air force pilot and a true veteran of aviation. Having worked in several airlines in the US, logged over 25000 hours on various civil and military jets. Heaps of on-time deliveries and satisfied clients.


Russell Sherwood

operations coordinator

Russ has a unique experience flying in the US, EU, China and SE Asia. With thousands of hours on prop, turboprop and jets under his belt, Russ serves as our operations coordinator and works as an airline pilot for a US carrier.


Michael Posluzny

ferry pilot

Mike is originally from Poland, a 22 year veteran of flying IL62s and other Russian jets all over the World. Mike handles deliveries inside the CIS airspace.

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