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caravan C208 B
Estimated time en route:
1 week
Capt. Curt Farley
Estimated Departure:
December 2010
Cessna Caravan 208B


Cirrus Design is making history with their new"Vision SF50" VLJ project. This single-engine 5-seater will be powered by extremely economical Williams FJ33 turbofan.
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
New flight training options for international students from China, indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other SE Asian countries: AEROCADET International opened doors in China, Russia and USA in 2013. Visit their sites:
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
Aerocadet.com >>>
Aerocadet.ru >>>
Aerocadet.cn >>>
Want to become a fully-certified pilot? Our partner, "Aerocadet" flight training, offers unique programs that will take you from Zero experience to a fully-qualified airline pilot in under two years. Programs guarantee employment in the United States for all international students and offer financial aid solutions.
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