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Firstavia Group LLC is happy to offer a number of UNIQUE flying holidays for the professional pilots or aviation enthusiasts. With the help of our partners in Indonesia, we can train you to an ICAO PPL level using either our new Liberty XL2 or Cirrus SR20 airplanes. If you already have a license, why not book a few hours or cross country flying among the breathtaking islands of the biggest archipelago in the World?

Our current offers include:

Cirrus SR20-22
Cirrus SR20/22

Flight training and hour building, as well as type check-outs by a certified Cirrus instructors available on US-made SR22 and SR20 aircrafts.

Familiarize yourself with the latest integrated avionics technology, full glass cockpit, integrated navigation and auto-pilot systems, TICAS, Weather Scope, CAPS ballistic recovery systems and cruise at 185 TAS from Bali to Flores!

Liberty XL2
Liberty XL2

Flight training and hour building, as well as type check-outs by a certified FAA and DGCA instructors available on US-made Liberty XL2 aircrafts.

This very light trainer is ideal for PPL into and cross-country flying to build hours. Very robust avionics, including glass panel instruments, GPS, auto-pilot, FADEC and much more. Roomy, comfortable and fast (125-135 TAS average cruising speed)


Hour Building

Can you imagine a better place to build your hours ? We can't !

Get experience flying in the mountainous terrain, see breathtaking scenery of Bali and Lombok islands. Contact us today for special seasonal rates.


Cross-country flight to Komodo
Cross-country flights to Komodo

Either with or with out an instructor. Departing from Denpasar, Bali or Mataram, Lombok. Stop on the way at Sumbawa Besar, the closest airport to Moyo Islands. Contact us today for special seasonal rates.

Aircrafts available: SR20, SR22, XL2


Cross-country flight to Moyo
Cross-country flight to Moyo

From Denpasar or Mataram. Contact us today for special seasonal rates.

Aircrafts available: SR20, SR22, XL2


Crosss-country flight to barabadur
Cross-country flight to Barabadur

Departing from Denpasar or Mataram to the West. Visit the ancient temple of Barabadur and build 3-5 hours flight time.

Aircrafts available: SR20, SR22, XL2


Volcanos flight
Volcanos Tour

Depart either from Denpsar or Mataram and take a flying tour around 2 major vocanos: Mount Agung (dormant in Bali) and Mount Rinjani (active in Lombok).

Aircrafts available: SR20, SR22


Contact us today for special seasonal pricing and group discounts !


Cirrus Design is making history with their new"Vision SF50" VLJ project. This single-engine 5-seater will be powered by extremely economical Williams FJ33 turbofan.
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
New flight training options for international students from China, indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other SE Asian countries: AEROCADET International opened doors in China, Russia and USA in 2013. Visit their sites:
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
Aerocadet.com >>>
Aerocadet.ru >>>
Aerocadet.cn >>>
Want to become a fully-certified pilot? Our partner, "Aerocadet" flight training, offers unique programs that will take you from Zero experience to a fully-qualified airline pilot in under two years. Programs guarantee employment in the United States for all international students and offer financial aid solutions.
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