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What is our "PRICE GUARANTEE"? Well, first of all, it's our promise to you that you will not find a cheaper deal anywhere else. This means that you can search internet and magazines but you will not find the aircrafts we offer you at a cheaper price. If you find an equivalent aircraft at a cheaper price, this means that we can offer you the same aircraft even cheaper.



So, what do we guarantee ?

How does it work?

We are a middle man. Yes. But in this case, we make your deal a lot more profitable for you by conducting price reduction negotiations, inspections and so on. You will simply end up paying more without or help. Yes, we do include an agency fee in our final quotation. But with all the costs summed up, even with our agency fee you will have an overall LOWER price then the one wanted by a dealer or a private individual. In addition, we have dozens of direct partners in the US, Canada and the EU, who will pay us an agent fee directly from THEIR profits thus reducing your final costs.

The LOWEST price on the market
The most economical and safe aircraft delivery
Most versatile and economical aircraft registration solutions



Cirrus Design is making history with their new"Vision SF50" VLJ project. This single-engine 5-seater will be powered by extremely economical Williams FJ33 turbofan.
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
New flight training options for international students from China, indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other SE Asian countries: AEROCADET International opened doors in China, Russia and USA in 2013. Visit their sites:
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
Aerocadet.com >>>
Aerocadet.ru >>>
Aerocadet.cn >>>
Want to become a fully-certified pilot? Our partner, "Aerocadet" flight training, offers unique programs that will take you from Zero experience to a fully-qualified airline pilot in under two years. Programs guarantee employment in the United States for all international students and offer financial aid solutions.
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