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What is the spectrum of our consulting services ?

We offer a wide range of consulting sevices. However, we categorize them into 7 main areas:

aircraft ferry
Aircraft Ferry

If you want to ferry your aircraft by yourself and need an expert advise, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yes, there will be a minimum consultation fee but we guarantee that you will be better off with our advise then without it.

flight planning
Flight Planning

We can undertake separate aspects of your ferry preparation work, such as domestic and international flight planning, calculation of expenses and route suggestions. Current rate is $75.00 per plan.


flight schools
Flight Schools

If you are thinking of opening a flight school and looking for a perfect location, perfect plane for your area, perfect curriculum for your students and a skilled team of management and flight instructors, we can help. We have many years of experience working in the international flight academies in such countries as US, EU, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan and many other locations. We can help you with an expert advise on ALL aspects of your new venture, including compatible curriculum and business plan. We can also hire a new team of instructors.


Charter Business

Looking to start a new On-DEMAND operation ? We can help. Our pilots have many years of experience flying in various environments, from Alaskan wilderness to African savanna. We can give an expert advise on which aircrafts to us, make a market research for your targeted area of operation and advise on various aspects of business. We can also recruit flight crew or train existing staff.


Airline Business

Starting a 121 operation ? Talk to our pilots and airlines administrators about your project.


crew training
Crew training

No matter if you need a team of flight instructors, charter pilots or airlines captains -we can either recruit suitable for your project professionals or provide training of already existing staff.



Import/export paperwork, registration, airworthiness certificates, inspections, over-fly permits, etc.




Cirrus Design is making history with their new"Vision SF50" VLJ project. This single-engine 5-seater will be powered by extremely economical Williams FJ33 turbofan.
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
New flight training options for international students from China, indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other SE Asian countries: AEROCADET International opened doors in China, Russia and USA in 2013. Visit their sites:
Cirrus Vision SF50 jet
Aerocadet.com >>>
Aerocadet.ru >>>
Aerocadet.cn >>>
Want to become a fully-certified pilot? Our partner, "Aerocadet" flight training, offers unique programs that will take you from Zero experience to a fully-qualified airline pilot in under two years. Programs guarantee employment in the United States for all international students and offer financial aid solutions.
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