Sell Your Aircraft

Have an aircraft to sell? Sit back, relax, and watch us work.

Our company has been flying all kinds of aircraft across the pond since 2007. So over the last 8 years we have developed close ties with a huge network of aircraft brokers, dealers, maintenance specialists, etc. And not just in the United States or EU - we know people globally: Middle East, China, SE Asia, Australia, Russia. Once you nominate us to sell your aircraft you get to tap into an international network of airplane dealers and brokers and your aircraft will be sold quickly, efficiently and with the expert touch you deserve.

Our service includes the following points:

 Free initial consulting, aircraft value/price evaluation and estimation of terms

 Strategic international market research and targeted networking

 Aggresive marketing campaign of your aircraft using our online resources and affiliated brokers

 Sales negotiation and continues client progress reporting

 After-sale service, including on request technical inspection, air ferry, importation processing and de/re-registration

Sell your aircraft fast: hire us as a broker. Only 3% comission.