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Our company handles a great variety of ferry projects: from light training aircraft to heavy passenger jets. We even fly vintage war birds and recently retired jet fighters across atlantic. We ferry helicopters, experimentals, cargo aircraft and special purpose planes. No one pilot can handle such a variety. Thats why we are always on a lookout for qualified pilots who are interested in working on challenging ferry projects fitting their experience. We want to hear from you if you have over 1500 hours flight time, an ATP, a current type rating for aircaft with MTOW over 5700kg and don't mind taking a few days off from your busy schedule to take one or two of our planes from here to there and maybe back. Most of our pilots work on self-employed and part-time basis. Why shouldn't that be you?

So, if you are interested, please fill out a short Experience Form below and send it to us. We will file it on our pilot databse and as soon as something that fits your experience come us, you will be notified by email.

What does it cost to be in our database? Nothing. But in case you do undertake a ferry project provided by us, it will be subject to a modest referral fee. Each project is different and we negotiate company's comission in advance. Our legal department will send you an engagement agreement once you decide that you want to undertake a certain project.

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