Safety Pilot Service

Need a co-pilot?..

If you bought your own aircraft in the US or EU or Russia or China or anywhere else in the World, and looking forward to a great adventure of flying this plane all the way back home thoughsands of miles away, we can certainly sympathise: after all, it's going to be a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. As any real aviation enthusiast out there, we know how you feel. But if you feel that your aviation experience level is still in development, and you may need a little more confidence to come along for the ride with you, we can help: give us a call and we will dispatch a highly experienced ferry pilot to fly with you along the route and keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. He (or she) will not be there to "hold you hand". Just to point you in the right direction IF you ask for it.

The safety of your flight is our number one priority, and we hope it's yours too. So, enjoy the flight, have fun along the way, live up the unforgettable experience of being your very own Charles Lindbergh, and please allow us to keep you as safe as possible.

Our Safety PIlot rates vary, depending on aircraft type and route complexity. Please contact us for a personalized quote.


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