International Flight Planning, Navigation & Permits

We do it all, so you don't have to.

For your international flights from any location to any destination, our company, through a network of dedicated domestic and overseas partners, can provide flight planning services, overflight & landing permits, detailed weather briefings, fuel releases, crew hotel and transportation services, crew visa documentation and much more.

Approach plates: $10.00 per airport (Worldwide coverage)

Ground Handling: $36.00 per airport

Fuel Releases: At costs plus 5% (No charge with full flight planning service)

Hotel & Transportation arrangements: $29.00 per stop

EAPIS & CANPASS: $75.00 Per application

USA overflight Permit: $125.00

Liferaft Rental: $70.00 per day

Survival Suit rental: $40.00 per day

HF Radio Rental & Spot Tracker: $105.00 per day


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