FAA Registration of Aircraft for Non US Citizens

Save up to 42% in re-registration related taxes.

What do you do if you want to leave the aircraft you purchased in the United States under the FAA (N-) registration in order to avoid re-registering this aircraft in your country of residence/citizenship and, by doing this, save money on import tax? We have a solution: we can utilize a network of our partner companies to register your aircraft's ownership after a US trust and register you as the trustee. This way, you will own the aircraft legally, but it will be allowed to be operated under the US registration.

In order to be listed in the U.S. Registry (and bear the coveted “N” registration), an aircraft must be owned by a “Citizen of the United States” (49 USC 44102). Aircraft owners who are not U.S. citizens seeking to secure the advantages of the U.S. Registry (including perceived safety and ease of financing) have long employed ownership trusts where the trust itself is a U.S. citizen and the non-U.S. owner is the trust beneficiary. For the trust to remain a U.S. citizen, it must itself be a U.S. entity and the trustee must have a high degree of independence from non-U.S. influence or control. Once the citizenship of the trust is established, U.S. registration is permitted and the trust beneficiary is free to operate the U.S.-registered aircraft regardless of the trust beneficiary’s nationality. The U.S. owner registry system has no concern over the citizenship of the operator of an aircraft, in stark contrast to most national registries, which focus on the operator. The trustee’s role as owner of the U.S.-registered aircraft is ministerial—passing correspondence to the trust beneficiary, entering into documents relating to ownership, leasing and financing and interfacing as necessary with the trust beneficiary and financiers.

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     FAA trustee registration service is provided only for our aircraft ferry clients.

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