Aircraft Ferry Modifications

Fuel tanks. Long range comms. Ani-icing.

When it comes to equiping your aircraft with ferry fuel tanks, our priority is to ensure that we install a safe and reliable system that does not quit en route. Also, another important issue is installing ferry tanks legally, and because of that we pay special attention to all the required paperwork, over-weight certificates, weight and balance certificates, and insurance edits. Installation of fuel tanks is undetaken in the EU and the US, depending on the flight route. The tank types we install include:

37 Gallon Tank (fits into nose compartments)

66 Gallon Tank (fits cabins of light six-seater singles and twins)

160 Gallon Tank (fits most light turboprops)

212 Gallon Tank (fits most medium single and twin turboprops)

Some deliveries to SE Asia require installation of HF radio for long-range communications in a non-radar airspace. In rare cases, winter trans-Atlantic routes require installation of propeller anti-icing fluid delivery system.

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