Pre-buy Aircraft Inspection

Don't end up with "a pig in a poke".

Buying a used airplane is a risky business. And with the average age of GA aircraft in the United States approcahing 35 years, any responsible buyer must be able to know how to navigate the labyrinth of technical knowledge and maintenance manuals in order to not end up with something that we woun't even be able to ferry across the ocean due to maintenance issues. Of course, if you are buying a US-registered aircraft at a great price for personal private pilot use on those sunny European weekends, we don't expect you to have the necessary technical knowledge to properly inspect your purchase. That's why we have a database of highly qualified and licensed aircraft mechanics who are available to conduct a thorough multi-point airframe and powerplant inspection, evaluate current condition of aircraft and supply you with the expected maintenance and parts costs.

If you are purchasing an aircraft with engines nearing their MOH, we can arrange for this overhaul maintenance procedure to be undertaken in the United States, thus saving you up to 35% on maintenance cost comparing to most EU rates.


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