Pilot Internship Programs

Gain experience. Build time. Get your dream job.

As people who work in the aviation industry for many years now, we can tell you one thing for sure: The hardest part of becoming a pilot is not your CPL check ride or your Instrument Rating exam. It's what comes after them: it's tough to build flight time and gain valuable flight experience right after the flight school. Pilots fall info a "vicious circle": the aviation companies will not hire you because you lack real pilot work experience, and you can not get that experience because the companies will not hire you. It's a real problem and most newly-minted commercial pilots have to deal with it in one way or another. But things don't have to be that hard: we have special pilot internship programs for you that will make your aviation career developing plans much more achievable then you think.

In cooperation with our direct partner, Aerocadet, we developed a Professional Airline Pilot Program that takes students from either Zero or PPL levels all the way to full FAA ATPL and over 1500 hours of flight times through implementation of "FLIGHT TRAINING - INTERNSHIP - EMPLOYMENT" career path.

You can get detailed information about this program by visiting Aerocadet's web site and downloading information brochure below. (Ideal for students from China, SE Asia, Russia, CIS, Africa and some EU countries)